It's a beer for dreamers, who want to let go of what's holding them back. Instead of letting their fears win, they decide to follow their bliss. Even if it's just for one little moment!


It's a beer for lovers, who want to enjoy this intense feeling of having butterflies in their bellies. But it is more than just romantic.

It's the celebration of memorable moments with friends and family!


It's a beer for the courageous, who dare to be different.

Refresh yourself after an adventure, while having a break during a challenging hike or at the end of a successfull innovative think tank!

ALPENSTERN* - The Philosophy



There is nothing more inspiring than lying in the grass and watching the starry sky in the alps.

You can lose yourself, forget all the reasons not to do something and let yourself dream of who you want to be and what you want to achieve.

If you’re lucky you might even see a shooting star!


Close your eyes, make a wish and cheers to it!



In the 19th century young men from the alps liked to pick bouquets of a beautiful blossom shaped like a white star called Alpenstern. They presented it to their beloved ones as a symbol of love.

It became so popular that the flower eventually was threatened to become extinct!

It was put under legal protection in 1886, so the population could recover.

Up to today it is forbidden to pluck one!


Instead, share a drink with your loved ones!



The Alpenstern flower grew only in the harshest and roughest places.

Plucking even a single Alpenstern flower was a very dangerous adventure.

A lot of people placed a wrong step or miscalculated the risk, slipped and fell to their death.

It took a lot of courage!


After daring something new – enjoy a refreshing drink!